Julian Carter - Candidate for The Brexit Party Nottingham North

You want a more certain future,
Nottingham North you are not alone.

64% of Nottingham North voted to Leave the EU. You have not been forgotten.
Together we can make the positive change to our lives that we asked for. 

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I understand you are angry and have lost trust in UK politics.

The fear that uncertainty of employment brings is real when most families in the UK are one pay cheque away from being unable to pay their rent or mortgage. 

As the Brexit Party candidate for Nottingham North I am here to listen to you, to engage with you and the people in this constituency and to help you become better informed despite the lack of information in the mainstream media. 

Julian Carter Brexit Party Nottingham North listening and talking to local people with local issues.
The Brexit Party are working for LEAVE and representing the good people of Nottingham North

The Brexit Party are working for LEAVE

.. and I'm here to serve Nottingham North.

The latest Brexit Party news which is impacting Nottingham North direct from Julian Carter

The Real Brexit News

You will be better informed about Brexit because you will have access to the key messages that impact us in Nottingham North which the mainstream media is not reporting.

Our local heritage and values are at risk of being lost

The Truth & Facts

You can trust that I will speak nothing but the truth and share the facts about Brexit with you honestly and openly. I will help change our current situation and value your opinions and support.

The Brexit Party are working toward Leave

Our Community

I wish to bring hope to our community and reassure you that The Brexit Party is a good choice. Together we are stronger and can achieve more when we belong and are valued.

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How you can make a difference too

In 4 simple steps:

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2. Attend Brexit Party events in Nottingham North to have your concerns listened to and meet people just like you who you can help or be helped by in return

3. Take a few minutes out of your day to deliver publicity material

4. Enjoy being better informed, humbled at the change you are helping to make and less anxious about your future and our community here in Nottingham North

Democracy has been betrayed

The Tory's withdrawal agreement could be even worse than remaining in the EU.

We'd be trapped under Brussels' rules with No

Inaction or not voting will lead us to being ruled by the EU forever which means no investment into the area.

But there is an answer.

The Brexit Party is now the only party that represents people like us; people from humble beginnings who have striven to better ourselves and help others on the way

Just like Robin Hood the Brexit Party are helping the people of Nottingham North

We need a Clean Break Brexit

To make Britain a soverign independent nation with democratic control over

The Brexit Party are Ready

If you’re ready to break from the old politics

Your Questions Answered

To be a part of something positive and make a difference to Nottingham North. The point is our whole community want change and there is no other Party representing our Constituency. Accused of selling out by Labour and not being rich enough for the Conservatives. The Brexit Party need your support and help to put pressure on the Government to get the best Brexit deal possible for our local community, our children and our workforce. 

We all need to help each other in whatever way we are able. The Birmingham Rally was attended by 5,500 people and was one of the largest political rallies in recent times.  The other political parties manage 200-2500 people! We should be very proud but we need to keep up the momentum and local support to create real and lasting change for he good.

No. People feel let down by the political parties that are supposed to be leading our Country. The Brexit Party is approaching a membership of 200 thousand. We are listening to what you want and what you are most concerned about. We are building our policies on the biggest issues that matter to you.  The ‘Remain’ lobby is powerful but the people recognise The Brexit Party is the only party asking local communities what THEY want. We represent you and we will continue to grow with your support. 

Every vote counts!  Not voting is a vote for the opposition.  Your right to vote has been hard fought for so please use it.