Julian Carter - Candidate for The Brexit Party Nottingham North

What is the Brexit Party? And why they represent you Nottingham North

Nottingham North we voted to leave the EU for better control of our borders, to regain control of our own laws and for a fairer welfare system. My name is Julian Carter, I grew up in Nottingham North and I am standing as your Brexit Party candidate. Get in touch, get involved and read more about why you should care and why I am here listening to your views.
64% of Nottingham North voted to leave the European Union

64% of Nottingham North voted LEAVE on 23 June 2016 because you wanted change.

You want to change Politics for the good and over the last three years since the Referendum the desire for the UK to take back control is stronger than ever.

On the day we voted for the UK to leave the European Union, Lord Ashcroft conducted a survey to understand how we voted and why.

Nottingham North, the number one reason we voted leave was because EU membership took our decision making away from the people of the UK. We believe that;

Decisions about the UK should be made in the UK, by 66 million UK Citizens.

Nottingham North you want decisions in the UK to be make in the UK

In the June 2016 Ipsos MORI index, which is a monthly overview of the issues concerning Great Britain, 37% of the adults questioned said the NHS was their biggest worry.

But just before the EU membership referendum that wasn’t the most important issue to you.

Immigration and migration

You voted to leave so that Briton could regain control over immigration and of our borders. 48% mentioned immigration/migration as the most important issue facing Briton.

Economic opportunity is another big issue close to our hearts in Nottingham North and a reason we voted to leave. The benefit of trade deals with countries outside of the EU and away from EU regulation, the opportunity for growth that free-trade gives us.

We voted leave for;

Improved border controls, a fairer welfare system, better quality of life and the ability to control our own laws

Lord Ashcroft Poll 24th June 2016

These issues are still as important to me, if not more so, three years after I voted for the UK to leave the European Union. I believe that leave will advantage my home of Nottingham North and that this is a great opportunity for a brighter future in a freer greater Briton.

What is the Brexit Party doing for Nottingham North
The Brexit Party is representing people of Nottingham North who voted Leave. Changing British Politics for good.

Brexit Party and me

Did you know the Brexit Party formed in April 2019 and six weeks later won the European elections with more votes than the Labour and Tory Parties combined – 29 Members of the European Parliament. The fastest growing new party in modern history.

The Brexit Party are acting on the big issues concerning the UK. Listening to the People, and that includes our voice Nottingham North, to build policies that matter to us.

We can play our part in building a democracy we trust. We have the power to change the future of British politics by supporting the Brexit Party. 200,000 supporters have already recognised that the Brexit Party are here to change politics for good. They are here to stay and helping people turn anger into hope.

Why I am standing for the Brexit Party in Nottingham North Constituency

I care about the place I grew up; my home and the people I already know and have yet to meet in Nottingham North. Democracy has been betrayed and that is why the Brexit Party is now the only party that represents people like us; people from humble beginnings who have striven to better themselves and help others on the way. We are accused of selling out by Labour and not being rich enough for the Conservatives.  Neither party now represents the people of this Constituency.

About Julian Carter, Brexit Party candidate for Nottingham North

First in my family to get a degree and now a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, FICE. I was born in a Clifton council house and raised in a Top Valley council house.  My first job was as a paperboy and then at 16 working at ‘Currys’. I spent my undergraduate industrial year at Nottinghamshire County Council. During this year I also worked as a Care Assistant in a local nursing home in Bestwood Village. I was a Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO volunteer in Zimbabwe, 1994.  

As a well-rounded Chartered Engineer, I subsequently worked internationally both as a humanitarian and as a consultant to the Nuclear Industry. I lectured at a number of Universities. A Director of my own Consultancy business and delivered Papers at International Conferences.

In Bosnia I made a difference as a Consultant to UNHCR and supported Civilian Military Operations and wrote The Balkans Contingency Plan. After the devastating tsunami in Sri Lanka, I worked with the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka as a Consultant to OXFAM. I also worked in Algeria, Iraq and others.

 I held senior positions working on the UK New Nuclear Build Programme, both Civilian and Defence. 

As a Fellow of The Institution of Civil Engineers, I held a senior position and consulted on all the UK’s current new nuclear programmes and had direct experience of those technologies in China, USA, Japan and France. I have also been a Nuclear Regulator as a Civil Engineering Specialist Inspector for The Office for Nuclear Regulation, ONR.

My current industrial experience also relates to holding a senior position within Rolls Royce Raynesway supporting the nuclear Submarines programme and delivering the Continuous At Sea Defence, CASD.

  • A Fellow of The Institution of Civil Engineers UK, FICE.
  • A humanitarian who scripted The Balkans Contingency Plan, the Post War reaction plan.
  • A Professional Engineer who has influenced the UK’s New Nuclear Build for both Civilian and Defence. Programmes
  • I have been Member of Rotary International since 1998. 

A well rounded professional and a safe pair of hands. I don’t have political experience but I am humbled by my life and emotional experience.

My efforts had a positive and direct influence to shape the UK as it is today. Whilst I might not have changed the world, I changed the worlds of many people and I am proud to have made a positive impact on their lives.

When we meet you will instantly recognise my values; truth, honesty and a passion for this constituency. My priority is listening to you; your views, concerns and frustrations. In gratitude, I am going to bring you Brexit Party news and updates on a weekly basis. Information the mainstream media don’t want you to have but as your local candidate I believe in sharing the full story.

Ask me a question and you will get an honest answer. You will see me out and about in the local area regularly, please stop and chat.

Nottingham North I stand for you because I want you to be less anxious and more certain of our future.

Register your support now and to be kept informed of Brexit Party events in Nottingham North. I look forward to hearing your views and making a difference in our community.

Julian Carter Brexit Party Nottingham North. Why did Briton vote for Brexit
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